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Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Is it worth it to make the drive? That's the question I wonder a lot. I see many people doing it, but there are these invisible barriers that are strange. For example, people will drive to SM from Ventura, from Agoura Hills, even from Palmdale (these people are Coloft members who do it regularly). So the time is not necessarily an issue. But those drives are basically north-south. It's the east-west drive that seems mentally impossible. And I'm just as guilty of it (although I'm trying to be more aware of it because I suspect it's more of a mental thing than a true inconvenience). So I wonder how those geographic/mental barriers will break? Or what will incent them to?


@Chris: I think what you are doing with Coloft is really valuable. Deep conversation requires face to face meetings and that's why I think it is worth it - always - to make the drive. The challenge in LA, especially for entrepreneurs, is that it takes a lot of time to get people together. Time is not something you get back when you're launching a start-up ;o(

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